Win Big Playing Internet PokerQQ Sites Available To Choose

Anyone can win big playing online Poker if they take the correct actions and play with the ideal strategy. I have been plugging away in the poker world for quite a while now and have found that the best way to generate money playing online poker is at the tournament world, and more especially, the sit n go tournament. A sit n go is defined as an unscheduled championship that begins when all the seats are filled. I prefer to play with the 1 table tournaments, but there are tournaments that have as many as 5 tables. If you decide to play at a sit n go, here are a few hard and fast rules I have developed over my years of playing poker.


  • In the beginning phases of a sahabatqq, only play with the premium hands. There is tons of time to allow the other players knock themselves out with no promise of a huge pot. Any time you are tempted to play under a monster in the first stages, pause, consider how many chips you stand to lose or gain and make your choice accordingly.
  • Perform more than one sit n go at one time. This may seem like strange Advice, but it is going to stop the boredom that often tempts one to play sub-par hands. I play three at a time, and I can still keep an eye on my opponents rather than play hands that I should not merely to help pass the time.
  • Watch your opponents’ betting patterns. Whether we like it or Not, all of us have betting patterns unless we are extremely conscious not to. We want to create as many chips as we can and will often bet our great hands, and fold our bad ones. These patterns tend to tighten up as the tournament continues.
  • This is one I got from Dan Harrington’s book and it is been invaluable. This is it; play with the contrary style to the rest of the game. What this indicates is, even if the game is tight, play loose. If the game is loose, play tight. Normally, the beginning phases are a bit looser than the end stages, so that is when you will need to be tight, then, as the match starts to tighten up as your competitors vie for the top three, cash stains, you want to loosen up and play with a good deal more cards.
  • Do not be afraid to push all of you chips in when you are in the Later phases of a tournament. Odds are, your opponents will fold their hands because they so badly need to earn the money that they won’t risk their chips. This is a particularly great move if your competitors check around to you. Surely there is an element of danger to this kind of play, but I will guarantee that this movement will get you to the money more frequently.