Internet gaming has become a buzz word over the past years. The rise in technology has opened new doors for traditional games with few changes here and there, something like old wine in new bottles. But having said that, modern games are not the same old monotonous ones .With a pinch of flavor and vigor, they are back with a bang. One of the latest to join the internet gaming era is Poker. Online poker has greater benefits to offer as compared to the traditional casinos, main reason being its financial returns.  It all started in the late 90s and with the level of entertainment that it provided, everyone joined the bandwagon.

Reasons for popularity:  Several reasons can be cited for its popularity. Many gamers who have never tried their hand at the online version are seen playing hundreds of tournaments.

Some of them are:

Low cost: Playing online game does not involve so much of money. Online casinos have lesser overhead costs as compared to Brick and mortar casinos. A player can play game with as low as 1 or 2 stakes. One can even play free roll games where there is no necessity of paying entry fee. This encourages starters and financially challenged class also to play the game.


Easy guidelines: It is easy to play online poker since much of the game’s rules are displayed on the screen. Some popular sites like rajawaliqq and poker stars give all the guidelines which make it easy for beginners and less experienced people.  They also give you beginners’ points and early wins to encourage novice players and build their confidence.

No need of great investment: This is one of the biggest advantages of online poker. If you start with free cash offered to you then there are chances that you continue the game with small amounts of cash.  Though you can earn bigger with big money, there is absolutely no pressure of bringing in heavy cash.

Good social interaction: If you are a socially interactive person, then this is a great place to play. Online sites offer to play with various kinds of people and let you participate in tournaments. This is a great source of entertainment and experience.

Great returns: Undoubtedly, online poker sites good return on investments. It is calculated as total profit/ buy ins. Traditional casinos were not so encouraging for beginners as returns were low and slow. But in online casinos, the rate of returns is high and beginners are also encouraged with free entries and bonus points.

We can say that the craze for online poker will only increase in the coming years, thanks to great benefits that it offers. People found it easy to hit online sites rather than driving down to a physical casino.